tangled & restored (8:55 am)

growing up, my mums hands were a treasure… they were comfort and capability coexisting.  her hands would dance and things would be set right….restored.

I remember taking my clumps of necklaces to her as a child, frustrated by the impossibility of remaking those delicate, tangled chains into something i could proudly wear and display as “me”.

she would begin the process…slowly unwinding and pulling each link to freedom.

sometimes i would wait until she was done.

sometimes i would quickly insert a “never mind” into the process, running back to my room to choose another adornment..not willing to wait for the beauty and purpose to be restored, quick to settle for the not quite perfect match, hurrying just to have something that filled the space i saw as empty.

or with all the wisdom and experience of my years, i insisted that it would “never be fixed!” and that this particular necklace was no longer of any use, made obsolete by tangles and knots that seemed impossible to overcome.

despite my lack of faith, mum never gave up.  she saw the end result. she knew it was only a matter of time. so with the chain draped over her wrist, or laid gently down…link by link her hands moved to restore it.

and each time i doubted and doubted until the last knot shook free. always amazed that she’d done it.

god has been my comforter and restorer.

and still i doubt him the same way. impatient for the process to be complete.

running away to choose something else.

certain that the tangled up me has no more use, no more beauty, no more purpose.

and his fingers dance…the purpose and end in his sight. 

tangle after tangle being undone until i am set right….restored. even shining.

and i am amazed.

“the lord appeared to him from afar, saying, i have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have drawn you with lovingkindness.  again i will build you and you will be rebuilt..”  jeremiah 31:3,4 (NASB)


7 thoughts on “tangled & restored (8:55 am)

  1. Wow…Kristi…a writer you are(!!!) and the verse is perfectly suited and restores hope.
    You make me proud.

  2. I’m full of knots and tangles and yes, sometimes I don’t appreciate God’s divine grace….always so impatient. I burnt so many bridges doing this.

    • after reading your posts, you actually seem very patient. trust requires patience. responding to people with thoughtfulness requires it. and there’s more. maybe the beginning of loosen. freedom.xo

      • I learned patience the hard way. Kris. Was never a patient man before. huge hug

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