sharing miracles (9.47 am)

my 8 years young boy, D had an exciting interruption to his typical morning routine.   a spinning penny stopped upright on the kitchen table.  one in a million chance i am sure.

we paused.  delighted, exclaiming, pointing with heads shaking in wonder for a moment.  it was a miracle.

a miracle.

  • an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause.
  • such an effect or event manifesting or considered as a work of God.
  • a wonder; marvel.
  • a wonderful or surpassing example of some quality.

eight years ago, shortly after Ds birth.  i had a  “knot” on the side of my neck that had been there for ten plus years but had recently bothered me more.

the self-diagnosing missionary kid in me assumed it was lactic acid build up, etc.  tension that someday i would deal with.  until then, i really only paid attention to it when the chiropractor adjusted my neck or a helpful massage therapist offered to work it out for me on my next visit.

one day in my doctors office i casually mentioned the lump for the first time.

in a whirlwind of blood work, xrays and MRIs i went from the general surgeon to the orthopedic surgeon to the neurosurgeon in a matter of weeks.

and my “knot” turned into a tumor the size of an 8 ounce filet mignon.  only shaped like a barbell.  one area pressing out of the side of my neck (what i had felt all along) and the other, growing into my spinal column.  it was benign but…

that silly tumor had pushed my spinal cord almost to the opposite side of my spinal column and my doctors were shocked that i was walking and talking..

no symptoms to speak of.

it was determined later that the tumor had grown so slowly over a period of about 12 years that my body had compensated for the pressure (as our bodies tend to do).

within a month of the diagnosis, i was being ushered into oblivion (after being warned of a 50% chance of post surgery paralysis) while a waiting room full of people had a pizza party, played games (that’s how we roll) and yes…prayed.  i know that i was blanketed in multicultural prayers from around the world that day too!

because the tumor had grown into one of my vertebrae, my procedure  was attended by brain and bone surgeons.  when the doctors got inside, they realized that the tumor had attached itself to my spinal cord.  my rock star neurosurgeon navigated scraping the tumor tissue off the cord, conscious of the damage too much movement would cause(remember the 50%).

it is  difficult not to hold your breath during the footage–even with me standing right next to you.

even with months of recovery and pain that i would choose childbirth over,  the story had  a greater than great ending.   but truthfully, no matter what the outcome, every part of it was a miracle.  from a pro-active doctor to parents willing to leave their life to take care of mine.  from a community of people who loved on our family continuously to being able to hug tall people again without blacking out.

from cheerios standing on their own to gods hand  in your battle or victory…
i think we need to hear and see each others miracles.

they cause us to pause.



point with heads shaking in wonder.

even look up.

share your miracles


7 thoughts on “sharing miracles (9.47 am)

  1. Hi Kris, Thank you for sharing your inspiring story. We know that God is always working… much of time it is invisible to us but significant on the kingdom-calendar. It is always a blessing to hear about miracles, big and small. It is encouraging to hear about how His followers respond to various test and trials in life. I would say that you endured pain and discomfort for a long, long time and handled this medical challenge like a champion of the faith. To God be the Glory!

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