strong towers (6:53 am)

my mother-in-law, K  is almost as different from me as my husband M.

she is a strong like steel, much more than capable woman who keeps her emotions not as near the surface as i do.  i am one of those air-filled wavy dancing person balloons on the side of the street .   she is a solid, stable statue.  i toss things in piles and forget them, she files and can find.  i am a close friend of last minute.   she, like M makes a plan.   i am maybe.  she is definite

and one of the most profound memories i carry with me is of her.

after the surgery i wrote about in my post sharing miracles,  i remember waking up in my hospital room to darkness outside.   it was later evening… past visiting hours.  my parents and M were home tending to the munchkins and the insistent to do list of our life.

my mind was pain-muddled and i remember a wobbly feeling of overwhelmed mixed with fear pushing to come to the surface and sprout.  then i glanced from the ceiling to the corner…

and there she was.  in a chair.  still in her office outfit.  her sturdy purse on the floor and some sort of crochet project in her hands.

we didn’t speak.   she may not have even known i saw her.

in all thirty seconds of seeing her there–this strong, unshakeable woman,  i knew that it would be all right.  and closed my eyes to drift back into recovery.

i was safe and watched over and loved. definitely.

the name of the lord is a strong tower;
    the righteous man runs into it and is safe.
(proverbs 18:10, ESV)


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