open skies (6:05 am)

i have spent a lifetime awed by the skies.

having grown up on the weather filled island of papua new guinea, i am familiar with the contents of its storehouses:

a thousand coffee table books worth of breath-stealing sunrises and sunsets.

heart splintered with understanding  it can release enough earth-moving water to wipe out an entire village and the precious lives within.

countless afternoons on a grassy hill above a graveyard, the warmth of  it lulling me into the no-holding-back  conversations of youth.

playing games with it…releasing my horse to run her heart’s limit, racing the sheets of rain yards behind us.

nights in the sticky shelter of a mosquito net, watching the lightning glow and pulse over mangrove swamps a hundred miles away.

and i have tucked away the glittering southern cross in my mind’s pocket,  so i can keep it close a hemisphere away.

the sky is the biggest thing my mind can know.


so when i hear this…


0pen up your eyes

and he’ll  break open the skies to save

those who cry out his name

the one the wind and waves obey

is strong enough to save you

look now is not too late

lift up your head

let the rain fall on your face

you’re not far from grace

you’re not too far from grace

and he’ll break open the skies to save

… i am struck by this:
the sky that awes me, the biggest thing i know?  
he would tear in half to save me.
when i need a reminder of the size of god.
job 38
(song by tenth avenue north: strong enough to save)

9 thoughts on “open skies (6:05 am)

  1. The sky is limitless….we should take time to appreciate that more often. Thanks for the reminder!
    And for me, too, the Southern Cross is a special symbol of PNG!

  2. It’s time you laid eyes upon that glittering southern cross once more. It’s here waiting for you, just a small hemisphere of sky away.

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