thank you (7.37 am)

for months, i have felt a push-turned-shove to step up to a microphone, clear my throat to get people’s attention…and speak.

every time, i meet that dry mouth, queasy stomach, what have i done dread…as the spotlight swings in my direction and conversations are interrupted.

and i click publish.

to the so many of you who have listened, given my hand a squeeze, joined the conversation, invited a friend to come too, even just stayed in the room…

thank you.

i looked up gratitude and appreciation and because i am usually someone who wants to eat the cake i have, combined the definitions:

The recognition and enjoyment of the quality, value, significance, or magnitude of someone or something.


i am grateful for, and appreciate you.


and my hope is that you continue to read words that lead you to…

 “simple things, either family, children, friends or experiences… summing them all up as ‘living life to it’s fullest’, anything and everything an integral part of life with God. ” –N. Toro





4 thoughts on “thank you (7.37 am)

  1. Well I, for one, a grateful for each time you click publish. Knowing how much of you goes into each post makes them even more meaningful! And may I say “Encore!” and looking forward to many more. xox

  2. thank you again Kris; “thank you” the most spoken, written, the sweetest word…appreciations and blessings, praise be His forever!

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