thank you (7.37 am)

for months, i have felt a push-turned-shove to step up to a microphone, clear my throat to get people’s attention…and speak.

every time, i meet that dry mouth, queasy stomach, what have i done dread…as the spotlight swings in my direction and conversations are interrupted.

and i click publish.

to the so many of you who have listened, given my hand a squeeze, joined the conversation, invited a friend to come too, even just stayed in the room…

thank you.

i looked up gratitude and appreciation and because i am usually someone who wants to eat the cake i have, combined the definitions:

The recognition and enjoyment ofΒ the quality, value, significance, or magnitude of someone or something.


i am grateful for, and appreciate you.


and my hope is that you continue to read words that lead you to…

Β “simple things, either family, children, friends or experiences… summing them all up as ‘living life to it’s fullest’, anything and everything an integral part of life with God. ” –N. Toro





4 thoughts on “thank you (7.37 am)

  1. Well I, for one, a grateful for each time you click publish. Knowing how much of you goes into each post makes them even more meaningful! And may I say “Encore!” and looking forward to many more. xox

  2. thank you again Kris; “thank you” the most spoken, written, the sweetest word…appreciations and blessings, praise be His forever!

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