facing the shower ( 8:49 am)

as a child, when showering i would do just about anything to keep the water off my face.  contorting my body this way and that, lifting my chin to its limit.

fearful of the vision blurring sting of drops in my eye, i would keep my back to the spray whenever possible.

occasionally made to submerge my whole head in the downpour, i captured a single breath, lips pressed tightly together.   panic rising i would jerk my head to the side, with an accusing  “i can’t breathe!”.  my fear weighing much more than the need for a thorough washing.

my child’s belief stayed with me for years…the air could not possibly find me here…until the truth introduced itself and i stood taking in breath after breath.

conflict and discord are the same for me.

i twist and turn to avoid them.

when given no choice…panic rises.

fearful of the sting, uncertain of air…i jerk away.


but the truth and i are getting acquainted again.   the other side is  worth the journey through…and there is air to breathe.

“from my distress i called upon the lord;
the lord answered me and set me in a large place.
the lord is for me; i will not fear;
what can man do to me?”

(psalm 118:5-6, NASB)


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