forty and me (12.59pm)

on the lighter side. forty things about me at forty.

1.   i want to be known. and i want to know people. really know. past the small talk. so i love when they open up their bags and show me what they are carrying in life.

2.  i find vacuuming soothing. the best present my husband ever gave me was a vacuum cleaner worth more than my car.

3.  i am intense.  i didn’t know until my friend heath told me so. it felt like permission to breathe deeply.

4.   i think opposites do attract but you need to be samesies on the important stuff.

5.   i have grown to appreciate the desert’s beauty but i miss the color green.

6.   i write thank you notes by the hundreds in my head.  they stay there.

7.   when i talk to my kids about addiction, i’m praying they don’t connect the dots to starbucks.

8.   i don’t believe in self-help.  i believe in asking for help.

9.   i love when men are still brave enough to be chivalrous. and when they give cheek kisses.

10. i have left behind a child at church once. or twice.

11. i haven’t ridden on a train. yet.

12. i am the shyest person i know.

13. i answer to any version of my name. gladly.

14. when my daughter R was born, i was so certain she was going to be a boy, i asked the doctor to check again.

15. if my life was a movie where i got stuck in an airport. it would be HEAVEN!

16. i have an entire mouth full of sweet tooths.

17. i am more afraid of falling off a bicycle than crashing in a small plane.

18. gifts is one of my love language.  sometimes my husband puts ribbons on the groceries and i am delighted!

19. i am out of sight, out of mind. it is one of the things i most want to change.

20. i cannot sew on a button.  my mum tried. really.

21. if i could be good at one sport it would be soccer. the only one i feel good at is tennis.

22. i love any version of a mix tape. best presents ever.

23. one of my favorite places to walk into is an office supply store. just the thought of it makes me smile.

24. i don’t drink soda before ten am. and i judge people who do— while keeping a firm hold on my caramel macchiato.

25. the ocean. it’s in my soul. when i’m near it…feels like i’ve come home.

26. i rate highway rest stops by comparing them to the outhouse in my village.

27. i am not really a good cook.  i just make sure people are VERY hungry before they eat dinner.

28. i believe in hugs. zealously. it’s pretty much my mission.

29. i gave my parents permission not to love their grandchildren.  then cried at how much they did.

30. i have mostly planned my funeral. party favors and all. oh yes, there will be red vines. and sangria. and 80s music.

31. i teach my children to write in their bibles. god is not behind a red rope in a museum.

32.i believe love is a choice. i choose it a lot.

33. my biggest regret is not being australian.

34. my bigger regret is not learning how to say i’m sorry sooner.

35. the only reason i don’t shave my head is my husband M shaves his. that would be weird.

36. i love in downhill. faster. no stopping. i wouldn’t change it.

37. having children shook up my world like an earthquake. anything not built well came crashing down.

38. i’ve known and followed jesus since i was 10. but i didn’t grow into loving       him until i was about 30.

39. i love that swoosh in your tummy during in flight turbulence. but because of a piece cut out of my vertebrae, i’m not allowed to ride roller coasters. i’m okay with that.

40. my heart home is papua new guinea. my life home is right here, right now.


16 thoughts on “forty and me (12.59pm)

  1. Kris this was so fun to read… I was feeling like I needed to hang with a good friend today- and this totally filled my void. ;0) C U Friday for more caffeine and cattle prods!

    • i love when i get a comment from you! and i love that it felt like a hangout. i want to see your list! add it to goals. xo

  2. Hey Sweetie, this post was like opening a present times forty. You startled me with some and did not fool me with others. The best is that you are who I thought you were. Fun, distracted, intense, full of love, and willing to admit that growing up is done in stages. I am glad you love your heart home, you should, I am glad you have learned to appreciate the desert. I do not think I could ever love it but I too see it’s beauty. I think of myself as old and moss covered and think green is the most restful color ever. You are fabulous at forty and though it would be fun to see, please do not shave your head. I think you would be beautiful if you did but the constant upkeep would be hard. I love you and think this was a great thing to do when you turn forty. You did not shock me with any of your choices and I was waiting for it…………lol xoxoxoxo

  3. That was fun to read and very honest. I like #s 6, 7, and 29 the best I think. You hide #12 well! Love you Kristi! And I see “R: so much in your picture here :-) .

    • chris, i had to go back and look! did you read the thank you note i wrote you in my head already? lol marrying M helped with #12, he refused to let me hide behind him. used to think it was mean, but it was love. and R, it’s crazy. love you too lady! you are this consistent that’s been in my life that means maybe more than i can really say. xoxo

  4. Wow…this was beautiful. I loved reading this. It makes me want to take the time to think more deeply into myself, my feelings, what I am like now at 4…….bluckty, but well, maybe later.

    You have such a gift. I am so glad you are using it and sharing it with others. I love this idea you had for your monumental day, and I really enjoyed it. THanks. I wish we lived closer.

    • chris, would LOVE to see your list. please do it. and then we should list 40 memories of growing up together and pretend we live closer! XO

  5. sorry babe I don’t know how to use this so I didn’t know how to add my name. :) Jodi in Wisconsin.

  6. Love #2, not the vacuuming (i don’t find it soothing), but that it was such a great present!! others i particularly smiled at #6, #9, #14, #18, #26. You haven’t ever ridden on a train?!? You gotta come see me! #23 – you and me both. :-) Loved reading these tidbits about you!

  7. I too am an MK, grew up in the EHD of PNG. I too left my heart home when I finished school….33 years ago. I was 18. I am an Australian. I am also American but chose to live in Australia because it was closer to my heart home. I went back once and was cured of “go-backitis” though I still have a very special place in my heart for PNG.

    I had to laugh at the comparison of rest stops with the village outhouse. (#26) I think I have stopped doing that. I also see myself as an “out of sight out of mind” (#19) and often wish I wasn’t

    I agree with your (#31) that God is not behind a red rope in a museum.

    How do you go with the not throwing out useful things?

    I am am not big on asking people questions about themselves and blame being an MK and getting really good at answering them about myself :S. maybe I’m a little too good about talking about myself. I like (#6) I too write thankyou notes in abundance in my head but fail to deliver them enough.

    anyway enough rambling.. I have enjoyed reading your “40 and Me”

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