doing rest (7.31am)

a friend who bakes.  each measure and stir, there is rest in it for her. this step by step to finished and ready to be received. it is a different room from busy.

M comes home to a second list of to do. but he meets rest in the taking care of the life he stewards.

eight years D slips away from the school of numbers and words to invisible battles he wins in twists and turns…coming to carefree.

a conversation between old friends. there is no re-introducing of each other,  just an easy handing back and forth of what is now.


in a car full of alone, music turned loud like sixteen.

a friend who tucks in her world then writes it down for safekeeping, her mind freed for tomorrow’s bringing.

another who takes the rubik’s cube of an idea and turns it ’til there is a coming into place. then offers the world what he sees. rested.

pausing in the middle, to let my eleven years alive R pour words over me in story telling. we both lose the tight of life’s twists and turns.



rest. not only in the stopping. sometimes it lives in the doing.



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