edit (11.43am)

when i write, it floods from me. the everything i think of, what i want to show, each word that moves me. the do you see this too.

then i edit.

i take out the distractions.

the already said.

the less necessary so what i hand out is of worthwhile weight.

the for another time. part of a different story.

i trade one word for another.  shaping them to feels right fit.


i have run full tilt into the holiday season and i am stumbling from the impact. the flood of movement and getting to.  is this enough for my love to show.

around me the anxious and sometimes frozen that comes with a longer than each day list to be done. the i-should-we-always-do-it-that-would-make-it-special.

so i am beginning to edit.

to find the worthwhile weight.

to let go for another time.

shaping the doing and making and giving to a feels right fit.


but seek first the kingdom of god and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

matthew 6.33 (ESV)



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