trust turned over (9.38am)

growing up as an MK, my and my friend’s parents were able to live and work in papua new guinea by the giving of others. many in “home countries” responded to god’s prompting to give. to pour out of their own lives for the introduction of him through translation, literacy, church building, education, clinics and on.


i learned trust there.

in the twenty-four hours available life that my parents led. the unlimited giving because of an unlimited source.

watching the will there be enoughwill needs be met never roadblock the always extras welcome at the dinner table. coins pressed into needing hands for fruits and vegetables just bought from another. cost of education supplemented to this day and middle of the night crossing river rides to a clinic for mothers clinging to fevered children.


seeing the almost daily last-minute-exactly-the-amount-how-did-they-know kind of miracles. water into wine for me was god’s pouring out of provision.

and in that pouring out, i found where trust lives.

trust lives in that moment when the hourglass is being turned over. when for breath-held seconds, there is no sand flowing.


that is the time when i have to release breath. in the middle of uncertainty. in the middle and moments of nothing. when the sand stops running and the pouring out is paused….i choose trust in god’s turning over.

“but as for me, i trust in you, o lord,
i say, “you are my god.”
 my times are in your hand…”

psalm 31:14,15a(NASB)


11 thoughts on “trust turned over (9.38am)

  1. Oh thank you. That sand-timer image…”i choose trust in god’s turning over.”…that really gives me a wonderful visual for that psalm, for “my times are in your hand”.

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