eyes on the road (1.21pm)

car accidents and rest stops take my eyes off the road.

i’ll never forget an early, still light arizona evening.  driving with my friend danny down mcclintock drive toward ASU. we were living those only what is here and now years of late night friends and music and world changing conversations. two cars coming toward us south bound were racing reckless. i saw only the at the same speed and the reckless pulling in front of. corner clipped front and just within our periphery and would be winner was hurtling through the air, slamming into a telephone pole and upside down, wheels spinning.  danny cut left and pulled into a side street and we abandoned the car running towards and bracing for worst.


in those same years i remember an impromptu three hour drive to the marine base in yuma, arizona one night.  no distance too great for a chance to visit with a friend from png.  i drove my blue dodge colt both ways and clearly remember the stretch of I-10, almost deserted at six a.m. driving into city quiet still. girlfriends asleep around me, i had been fighting the twenty-four hours awake with cigarettes and red vines.  then i woke up.  my body had stolen rest for itself and angels had wrapped the car in wings for almost a mile. 


car accidents.  a pulling away. this unforgettable noise of metal crippling metal. the surround of flashing lights and attempts to save. the quiet of a body bag and witness to life ending. our hearts look away from where we must go and they search for loved ones and time remaining.

rest stops. a choice. a pacing. a refueling and replenishing.  this pulling into spaces. and that stepping away from without end highways and the blur that outside our windows becomes in the long drive. it is this quick acknowledgement of strangers as we stretch and stomp feet, take in the obligatory framed map and history and breathe air free from vents.


both give pause to check direction. rest or reconnect to ones we share journey with.  acknowledge time left for most important. sometimes a waking upcoming to life in this one life.

thus says the lord:
“stand by the roads, and look,
    and ask for the ancient paths,
where the good way is; and walk in it,
    and find rest for your souls….

jeremiah 6:16 (ESV)



thoughts, reactions or found a typo? i would love to know...

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