opportunity (6.12am)

in papua new guinea the floor of our village house was made from rough planks of limbum, a hardwood palm. as a child, sweeping meant pushing dust towards the largest spaces and cracks. watching it fall and settle into the same under our split-level home.

i am torn between making space for opportunity and fear that opportunity will not come to fill the spaces i’ve made.

so i am pushing aside and then pulling back in.  packing up to give away and then leaving boxes stacked in corner.  coming up with reasons to go—–quickly chased by reasons to stay.

it is trust that has fallen through the cracks. trust that his plans for me are good. trust that he is abundant. trust that faithful never stops being faithful. trust that he is making a way.

it is not for sweeping in back and forth motion.

trust is hand on doorknob…turning towards open.



inspired by “five minute friday”  topic at lisajobaker.com


5 thoughts on “opportunity (6.12am)

  1. Aha, I know the feeling. You are not alone in your “space”. He never fails, never changes, always wants the “good” for each of us. Even with that I know the “push me pull you” of TRUST. xoxo back at you my niece.

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