pocketful (6.45pm)

two girls at bus stop brought to mind teen years and always going places, always with someone, always bringing along. i remember leaving the just one store with supplies for our being together. hands full of fantas and twisties. crunchies and bags of smith’s crisps.

at the start of each going, every pocket became a shared space.  making sure what we needed fit somewhere between us.   it was turn around so i can put this in. do you have room for? you take this and i’ll put yours here.

community in youth’s friendship that offered no hesitation in the asking and offering. carrying for each other.


in age we hold ourselves to ourselves more. sometimes forgetting community at the start of new journey.  in the burdening life hands out.  despite weight or imbalance, we no longer hold out what we carry for the fitting it between us.

but we are given to each other. for the reaching out before we are brought to knees.  and after. for the offering and accepting of eachothers pockets on this journey. the caring for.


“and let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works….”

hebrews 10:24 (ESV)


3 thoughts on “pocketful (6.45pm)

  1. Please turn this way so that I might put some of my “extra” love in your pocket to hold. Use it, if you choose to share it with another that is good. I have checked my pocket and I have found you left some of your love there for me. I will keep it for a dark day and then nibble on it as I think of you and yours. xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Oh, how I Love the imagery of the pocket between us- and these apron pictures bring me right back to my mom’s kitchen where I would always reach into her little red and white checked apron pocket and hope to find a chocolate chip that had slipped off of the counter while she baked cookies :) Your post was like a chocolate chip for my heart- such a sweet reminder of why it’s GOOD to share life honestly and deliberately. So glad I found you here- thanks for stopping by the Overflow so we could “meet” this week!

    • alicia…i’m so glad this brought all that back to you! i love those moments. those warm fuzzies that some memories can be. and i’m glad you described it too. and sharing life honestly and deliberately? exactly. lovely to meet you! xo –kris

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