word (7.47 am)

i do not remember exactly when god’s word was first written on my heart.

if it was songs over and over in sunday school. jesus-loves-me-whole-world-in-his-hands-this-is-the-day-go-tell-it-on-the-mountain repeating.

if it was read out loud stories of heroes and happenings, god’s plan from start to finish.

if it was steady, soft-voiced prayers of my parents that settled truth and love over my slowing down body and mind at night’s falling.

if it was restless turning of pages for answers and comfort and recognition and response.

it has always been more than words. it is god’s heart pressed onto and into mine. this protecting, shaping, covering of me.  some of the source of freedom i have to hand over grace and forgiveness and receive the same in every day’s beginning.

god’s word is truth and love and direction and courage and hope that is sometimes slowly, sometimes suddenly whispered to my need.

building brick by brick:

a shelter.

a runway.

a hospital.

a bridge.

a mirror.

a door.

a narrow path.

but he answered, “it is written, “‘man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of god.’”

matthew 4:4 (ESV)


in response to: hiding his word in my heart


7 thoughts on “word (7.47 am)

  1. I like your style of writing…the way you title your posts with the time. But I was wondering if you could explain more about why you do that? I’m so curious…I enjoy how you think and was wondernig what the story is behind it :)

    • i’m glad you felt free to ask. :) they’re little bookmarks for me i guess. it’s the time that the word or idea comes to mind that i end up writing about. if i’m near the compy i’ll just start a draft. or if i’m out i record a phone voice memo for myself. sometimes i have up to 20 “thoughts” in a day that i want to write about and i think the time in title gives me a little personal mile marker… –kris

  2. This is so rich, Kris. You have a beautiful poetic voice and obviously a living, breathing relationship with the living Word as well as his written words. So glad you linked up at Do Not Depart so others can read this as well.

    • lisa, thank you for taking the time to read and say so. xo! i’m looking forward to reading other link ups for this one. and i appreciate the inspiration and heart for god’s word at DND! –kris

  3. The Word of God, drip by drip seeping into the heart and soul of a little girl. God watering the seed until YOU BLOOMED. What others might resent or be bitter about you have turned into gold. I remember when the translation was finished and presented…..an enormous feat of endurance and dedication…..you were there, you give testimony of it. Beautiful!

    • auntie joy i think i might not be adopted after all. there is always poetry woven into your writing. we HAVE to be related! i will tell you the reason i can look back and see gold is that my parents told me i came first and they meant it. i never resented their life’s work because i never felt i had to compete with it. i love that you remember the dedication. am going to scan pics of it one of these days! love you. –kris

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