the gap

last year R was elected to student council.  she experienced the excitement of in-front-of and election. the heady choosing by the people. for the people. there was good and joy in all of it.

this year, another classmate elected was unable to stay in position and R was quietly asked to step into the gap.  there was no fanfare and excitement. no public choosing or arrival or out loud celebration.  she was asked to choose serving.

my cousin K has become a parent with the celebration that comes with first born. the all eyes on you for every moment of the experience. the news of it shared excitedly. the start from scratch.

and she has become a parent to children stepped into her life a day at a time. she chooses serve in behind closed doors commitment to showers and schoolwork and rebuilding of every other week boundaries.

it is worth as much. and when she sometimes lays down her it-is-harder-than-i-imagined-i’m-not-sure-i-can-do-this-can-you-change-the-story moments at her savior’s feet she is no less taking her place.

answering his asking.

to give heart and hope to children three.


for K.


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