used to (8.51am)

my first kiss was spotlighted. it was a butterflied walk to lamppost lit circle.  i was first melting from audienced embarrassment, then melting from the asking and soft-lipped seal on the start of us.

my latest kiss was light touch to cheek, tie kept clear of soap-bubbled-yellow-gloved hands. it was as natural as breath. this brief contact, this brushing by familiar with all the deep we keep beneath it.

kisses are hello and goodbye often. with moments in between where they become comfort pressed on to. or intimate reminder of and leading to this all-the-way-to-inside connection that confirms our us.

we are used to.  past first getting to know, wondering about, asking for….we have fully met.

and it is steady and secure and side by side.


in my faith there has been this traveling through and past the heady new. sometimes the roller coaster up and down. settling into the side by side.

this woven deeply into every day where i am certain of, stay connected to. am used to.


photo courtesy of k.c.


6 thoughts on “used to (8.51am)

  1. well expressed Krisi….The best place to be. Absolutely love the picture of D and ?. That’s a keeper!!!

  2. So well described……whether with our “become one” or with “He who knew me within the womb”, you have stated the essence of relationship. Gives comfort today.

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