afraid (8.42am)

what i am afraid of. that it will not count, will not last, will not be enough.

the plans i’ve made. the words i say, the love i offer.  that what i pour out and pour into is evaporating even as i write this.  that the water is washing away what i’ve drawn on the sand and even i won’t recall it.

it can become bigger than me, this fear. this i have to make it happen. this it depends on me. this if i am not in motion can the part of the world i am a part of be moved?

i freeze. perhaps thinking motionless will press pause and i can gather what i need in my heart and mind to be ready, to be enough for the only ever more need that a broken in so many places world demands of us.

and then something breaks through. it is still he asks for. to stop struggling. to remember that it is his plans and his beginnings and his love that counts and lasts and is enough. that all of the world is in his hands. not mine.



inspired by: five minute friday @


11 thoughts on “afraid (8.42am)

  1. This post is beautiful. I am learning fear activates the enemy, but faith activates God. I read that somewhere and I try to remember it whenever I feel afraid. Your warm personality peeks through your writing. God bless you : )

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