supersize (5.00am)

we don’t have a television. not one that is connected to the outside of these walls. in our living room there is no large black box that our time and furniture is arranged around.  people notice slowly. in the middle of conversation with everyone facing each other…it starts to show.

some wonder to themselves. some ask. some shake head. some nod. some say i wish.


reasons only personal.

it is hard to hold back the relentless want-this-need-this-get-this-look-like-this-do-this. the world is drill-sergeant shouting or oiled hair whispering to make life bigger and faster and more like. a habit of asking for larger portion when we have not even found hungry first.

there is some peace in not always being offered more than. there are less seeds of discontent sprinkled through soil of our lives.

truth is pressed in on by problems solved in thirty minute increments. fathers who are the last to know and held up as foolish by their children. compromise is first choice at the introduction of difficult. what would break my heart in person turns into entertainment and escape.

real life conversation heavy filled with someone else’s doings and goings.  getting to right here right now of each other  sometimes set aside in the easy of did you know? have you heard?

no longer recognizing the me i have opportunity to be underneath all of that i have allowed to settle and stick to me in the peering at, peeking into and wondering about the far from my life joneses. 

finding contented in the effort to actually bring…not let in.


there is boy to man i know who was child to my teen years and family to me beyond my heart home.  we have been reintroducing our very different lives and i have found him grown up into steady and strong.  god has drawn him to not hand over words or attention or action recklessly. i told him it is a gift some of us have to build from the ground up.

…to aspire to live quietly, and to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands, as we instructed you…

1 thessalonians 4:11 (ESV)

there is no shhhh in this quiet.  it is active and full and satisfaction without the drawing in of outside noise and too many color schemes to add without reason or result to the plans laid out before.  it is a life ready but not restless.  a life where need is met with provision not needless.  and upward seeking leads to abundance in the form of enough.




2 thoughts on “supersize (5.00am)

  1. Great post! I have only a small TV attached to a antenna(I only get one channel). I rarely watch and when I do I find myself switching it off to pay more attention to solitude and thought. thank you.

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