push (6.21am)

i remember a cool ukarumpa evening and a curfew that i disagreed with. in the midst of a teenage night with friends and music and the moment being larger than life, i was sullen and complaining about boundaries lovingly built up around me by my belonged to parents.

one of dearest to me friends J spoke into my selfish in unexpected from youth’s soapbox.

he put finger over my outburst and reminded me of the full of value place they held. that to turn honor towards them in word and action was best. and that it was an already visible to me knowing if i took a moment to set my self aside.

and then he pushed. hand on back. he added his strength to my now choice and moved with me up the gravel road to hill’s top until i stood where i needed to be. in position and in heart.

i have never set it down—-that memory. to hold the truth of it. the way of it.

it is framework of accountable. choosing to be with those who choose the one anothers. who step in to point out and push you towards the right and good you already know.



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