temptation (7.48am)

there is an invitation in life to go through doors best left closed, move closer, stay longer. reach for something on the other side of belonging to you. take truth and set it down. hold bitterness until the score is even. push past no when desperate for yes.

take what is whole and believe it cannot be enough.


the yes to rsvp is simple.

small steps. easy in. only a reach away. road widened for often travel. going towards is rarely uphill climb.


hard is in the turning away. coming back around. steps retraced grow in number and incline.

sometimes cost is original place given up. the difficult of restoration.


but there is a god who untangles and love even in the nos.

and he is fingers under chin whispering look at me.


above all else, guard your heart,
for everything you do flows from it.

proverbs 4.23 (NIV)




6 thoughts on “temptation (7.48am)

  1. I love this, especially “a god who untangles” and “he is fingers under chin whispering look at me”…that last one especially speaks to my heart. Abba, patient and undeterred.

    • i’m glad beth…and thank you for saying so. xo i’m hoping you got to read the posts those words linked to. ‘patient and undeterred’. yes. –kris

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