bold (9.49am)

R is entering years when culture begins to press upon her it’s shape and form.  shouting who she should be, whispering same as rest is best fit.  it is tugging at her to leapfrog ahead of her age and invite attention with revealing more.  that who she is really should look like….

but she is becoming bold in staying her course. comfortable with the uphill of not letting herself be carried along with current’s fitting in.

but there is cost.

friends drift past her…preferring to belong.

the working out of waiting that leaves sore in the midst of building strength.

feel of last one chosen for team though closed doors protect her with god’s purpose.

sometimes her stance comes with joy.  she is lifted and carried over in obvious safety. and she sees truth’s unveiling of why.

sometimes trust holds but tears slip out. she hands god her weakness on heart and unicorn doodled pages. slides next to me for arms around and reminders of the worth of  holding to path’s narrow and god’s faithfulness surrounding.


these things i have spoken to you, so that in me you may have peace. in the world you have tribulation, but take courage; i have overcome the world.

john 16.33 (NASB)



6 thoughts on “bold (9.49am)

    • she is truly lovely. and i have to say the exhausting consistency and follow through of discipline in youngest years was absolutely worth it considering the outcome. if i could shore up new parents into holding fast to their authority and leadership in their child’s life, i would love that. i believe it makes all the difference. xo –k.

      • i do a lot of observing and know that parenting can be a really tough ‘job’, especially with discipline – but i have also observed the rewards you speak of. should i ever have children of my own, it will be to friends like you that i would look to for help and advice! :-)

      • s. i love that you recognize those things ahead of time….i didn’t think much about parenting until i became one. so glad for the wisdom god gave me in so many moments. i’ll try to remember it all for when it’s your turn! ;) — k.

      • have had many years to observe, waiting/hoping for my turn…again, from observation, that can be a bad thing! sort of the reverse of ‘ignorance is bliss’. :-)

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