closer to overwhelmed (8.48am)

friend in mistaken care reminded me of duty missed in the middle of this season of holding on with fingertips to the taking care of each day’s musts and most pressing.  tears came as weight was added to already heavy heart.

she walked away not seeing and i reached for my choice to forgive, knowing her good intent had simply not finished reading directions before reaching for nearest tool.

febandmarchiphonepics 290

sometimes my children withdraw. joy slips out the side door. i sense the missed beats of our forward pace.

too often i let frustration lead and try to change direction with stern drawing back in. but calling from a distance leads to voice louder and both hearts hardening.

but sometimes i stop to look.

see the whelm filling them to brim—nearly over. god prompts me to speak less, draw closer, press them to me even if body stiffens first.

and suddenly knowing love’s welcome despite anything softens their heart to match mine. and too-much-on-mind or young-feelings-wounded or need-for-rest comes to surface, leaving room for peace to flood into thirsty life.

sometimes parched, distant hearts simply need sprinklers turned on before the pointing out of landscaping neglected.  sometimes the green missing is found in simply love’s refreshing.

in the coming closer.

febandmarchiphonepics 292

as the deer pants for streams of water,
so my soul pants for you, my god.
my soul thirsts for god, for the living god.
when can i go and meet with god?

psalm 42:1-2 (NIV)



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