stride (11.14am)

there is scene in one of X-men movies when character crosses empty space to reach center. stepping out into nothing there is no hesitation. he strides because of sure in technology designed to lift silver plated tiles as his feet reach for them.

sometimes i see god’s open door or pointing and i wait.

wait for the path to be clear before i lift my foot to move forward.

look for scaffolding as evidence that he is making a way.

seeing need as my empty to fill,  not his promise to keep—–makes it bigger yet.

it is hard to place stepping forward into the hands that hold the world but are still out of sight. until i look back.

reminders of  the way he made in my different deserts.

reminder to trust in the turning.


and reminder of his faithfulness whispers, “stride!”…

and my god will supply every need of yours

according to his riches in glory in christ jesus.

philippians 4.19 (ESV)


for mat & misty. two of my striding heroes.

(photo courtesy of k. crutcher)


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