named (11.16am)

some of those who have known me longest still add an s to my name. a child’s change born of want to stand out…to alter what was so often found the same around me.

kris to kriss for a season.

for those who write it, there is intimacy in the i’ve-known-you-since and close-enough-to-call-you…

and within a life of the varied handed out from and to me…

 each one of my names makes for relationship.

a journey shared.

laughter to the point of tears.

sometimes tears of the weighted kind.

memories spread far and wide or just between the two of us.

you matter to me and i love you this way,  tucked in between the lines of each spelling chosen.

all of it is who-i-am-to…

and the one and only I AM.

each one of his names is handed out for our intimate using.  the ebb and flow of this life requires reaching for which one matters most in the now.





peace and provision




the way, the truth, and the life.


o lord, our lord,
how majestic is your name in all the earth!

psalm 8:1 (ESV)








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