intersection (2.20pm)

no movement toward green and car stalled at light begins blinking need. i am lit from within by my choosing:

to pass. to twist and turn in looking for way out of stuck behind. to let my going to swell larger than.  to thumb pages of this-could-get-harder-and-take-longer-and-require-more.

to pause. and protect. to add my blinking signal to strengthen theirs and trust in equipped. to put myself in between them and worse coming toward because my for-such-a-time-as-this stronger self can cover weaker until made whole.  to remember that his wings i am lifted up by and sheltered under can extend beyond me at my offering.


do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it. do not say to your neighbor, “go, and come again, tomorrow i will give it”—when you have it with you.

proverbs 3.27-28 (ESV)



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