some (8.01pm)


it is pride’s whispered this-should-be-good-enough-i-have-come-to-end-of-strength.

i am deserving of rest and escape and handing over to next in line or standing close.


it is fear whispering there-is-not-enough-to-give-and-go-and-send.

i must take enough of care so that i will be taken care of.


it is doubt’s whisper: do-not-go-too-far-reach-for-more-look-toward-all.

god’s plans for me cannot be bigger than my belief in myself.


and my god will supply all your needs according to his riches in glory in christ jesus. now to our god and father be the glory forever and ever. amen.

philippians 4.19-20 (NASB)



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