wide open 9.11.01 (revisited)

finding i still want to be reminded of this each year, so i am sharing again.


on september eleventh…

i watched explosions. my world stopped for a day.

i held my breath watching strangers hold on to each other.  running.  turning again and again to make sure no one left behind.

i watched buildings fall. felt the weight of lost lives fall on me.

i haven’t forgotten.

after that day, our care for each other exploded too.

it felt natural to put a hand on a stranger’s arm. free to voice concern. to connect.  we saw each other. amid the ant scurrying we do in this life, we paused more often to acknowledge.  to check in. to say so.

‘how are you?’ had depth. we made more calls. had more dinner guests. took more pictures to capture moments. hugged longer.

we flung ourselves wide open to each other.  


on this day i want to remember to keep those doors wide open.


to those who stood up. who went back in. you are my heroes.  to those who never came out, your life counted. to those left with gaping holes in their hearts, i always hope for healing.


4 thoughts on “wide open 9.11.01 (revisited)

  1. deep, I miss that togetherness feeling…now we’re back to so separated by things that don’t eternally matter.

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