tarmac (5.46)

tickets bought. where we want to go has been purchased. heart has packed what matters most and we are sitting in the middle of wait.

on tarmac.

engine rumble whirring and we can feel what is coming but we are stopped in the meantime.


shifting in our seat looking for comfort. trying on hearts but still no fit.  who we are seems not the truth when life feels like last picked.  bigger love than us feels like poor substitute for held close and closer still.

waiting for repairs. surgery scheduled.  the push pull of will there be healing wrapped in a scalpel’s cut leaves hope sloshing from high to low and back.  sometimes left with only live with.  the difficult of pushing plug back in as hope rushes out.

we look through carry on. for certain. for contents that match this god made list in us. wanting to check off  all you need is him.  finding brave enough to erase this world’s add ons.  fighting urge to make sure no less than everything is what we have.

we strain to hear why and when. listening to a voice that easily feels farther away than cockpit.  trusting this waiting is with reason.  looking for good behind the say so.

we wait.

while re-routing is toward better than the best we see.

while repairs are being made to bring whole.

while someone else is heavy-bags-bumping-against-legs-running toward same god.

i would have despaired unless i had believed that i would see the goodness of the lord
in the land of the living. wait for the lord; be strong and let your heart take courage;
yes, wait for the lord.

psalm 27.13-14 (NASB)




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